Song Of The Day 14: Girls Aloud – Biology

You can stop laughing. Seriously. As more than slightly hinted at yesterday, ‘Biology’ is today’s song choice and what a song it is. Quite deliberately obtuse, refusing to follow a logical pattern and a bit like three killer songs all bolted together, it was the moment I fully realised why I should take Girls Aloud seriously as a musical force. So what if Xenomania do most of the tricky stuff? It’s the songs I’m interested in; I can’t honestly say that I care all that much whether or not Kimberley felt fully able to express herself as an artist on ‘The Promise’ or whether or not ‘Something Kind Of Oooh’ was the end of a long road of discovery for Sarah. They are the figureheads for the classic pop of the 21st century thus far and have so many decent singles, it’s actually slightly scary.

This is the pinnacle, as things stand. I wouldn’t put it past them to better it, but solo careers and TV gigs may have something to say about that. A bizarre song, a similarly schizophrenic video and one of the most exciting tracks from the last decade. A delight. Though, despite Dave Heartstring’s suggestion yesterday, it might not be better than anything Radiohead have ever done.