Song Of The Day 19: Pet Shop Boys – You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk

Tonight, ITV1 will be showing ‘BRITs Hits 30’, a compilation of some of the more memorable performances from past BRIT award shows. In what can only be considered an act of casting genius, the person overseeing proceedings will be Mel B! Was Myleene Klass busy? Was Jeff Brazier detained by a particularly tricky wordsearch? Still, in amongst the inevitable detritus we’ll be able to see the gloriously camp performance of ‘Go West’ by the Pet Shop Boys. It often surprises people that I’m a big fan of the PSBs, but I can’t even begin to see why people wouldn’t love them. Intelligent, hooky pop which makes you smile like an absolute tit. Their Christmas single was absolute genius (‘Bing Crosby!’) and I am genuinely looking forward to their 95th live DVD, ‘Pandemonium’, which comes in out in a few weeks.

Picking ‘Go West’ would have been too easy. So, instead, I thought I’d go with one of their less well known gems. Although it was released as a single, ‘Drunk’, as it came to be known, is housed on the not especially well regarded ‘Nightlife’ album. A beautiful, understated (not exactly a word you would expect in a piece about these two) little tune, it still manages to be remarkably catchy without going for all out bombast or an easy to chant chorus. YouTube embedding appears to have been banned so you can click here for that or click the slightly grainy, really rather small image below to play it via Spotify. Either way, enjoy. Speaking of enjoyment, it might be worth recording tonight’s show and then skipping the vast majority of it.