Song Of The Day 28: The Electric Pop Group – The Way It Used To Do

Imagine Belle and Sebastian crossed with a bit of Electronic and early solo Moz and you have ‘The Way It Used To Do’. You may remember me banging on about the really rather good Northern Portrait in last week’s FUTUREMUSIC feature. They’re a wonderful band who happen to be on Matinee Recordings, a small American indie label. The Electric Pop Group are also on that label and, because their approach to promo is to engage the people who buy music from them, I’ve been sent links to two songs you can download for free. ‘The Way It Used To Do’ is my favourite of the two, but both are pretty lovely. As they’re free, and the combined running times of these two tracks is only seven minutes, I would urge you to lend them your ears.


If you like what you hear (right click the picture above for ‘TWIUTD’), you can purchase the full album from Matinee by clicking here. Or, if you need further convincing, you can get a second song, Not By Another, by clicking here or stream the whole album on Spotify.