Song Of The Day 30: Gene – Speak To Me Someone

Every couple of months I return to playing bursts of music by Gene and I am becoming increasingly certain that they were quite a special band. During their natural lifespan I was always quite taken with them and fondly remember a quite poorly attended gig of theirs in Nottingham to promote final studio album ‘Libertine’. The music was epic and/or jangly in all the right places and Martin Rossiter’s voice is a thing of beauty. The Smiths copyist tag was, as I’ve recently mentioned in relation to Northern Portrait, merrily tossed around despite being a little unfair and their star didn’t really shine all the brightly in the first place, let alone for all that long. Once ‘Olympian’ had done its thing and ‘To See The Lights’ had attempted a bit of ‘Hatful Of Hollow’* style mopping up, ‘Drawn To The Deep End’ was already suffering at the hands of a not-entirely-expectant audience. Its luxurious grandeur makes for a compelling listen to this day but it never quite took off in the way I suspect the band thought it might. Thus followed two further splendid studio albums in ‘Revelations’ and ‘Libertine’ but huge record sales were never going to come. This, as is so often the case, proves how sometimes the masses can be asses. I love Gene, I can’t imagine why people wouldn’t be engaged by the man-on-the-edge delivery of this particular song and anyone who thinks of this band as one of those indie types who did the odd good song is advised to attempt a reappraisal. Honestly.

The video’s not on Ver Tube but the song has been uploaded, so here that is:

Alternatively, head over to Spotify to hear their greatest hits here,Speak To Me Someone’ in particular here or simply search Gene to wrap your ears around any and all of their albums.

*I know, I know, but sometimes it’s just so easy you have to rely on hackneyed comparisons!