Song Of The Day 31: The Bluetones – Marblehead Johnson

After finally locating a somewhat out of the way second hand record shop this afternoon, I was chuffed to find a recently arrived box of 90s/00s indie vinyl tucked under a shelving unit, awaiting both inspection and pricing. Sadly, the Weller and Beck pressings which I was initially hugely excited by turned out to be carrying some unfortunate scratches, but I still managed to leave £30 lighter – cash only, of course. In amongst those I didn’t end up buying were two 12” singles by The Bluetones. I’ve mentioned on here before my liking for this lost and, while they never really turned in an album of consistent splendour, their ‘Singles’ compilation is an absolute belter and chief amongst those cracking little indie tunes is this stand alone nugget, ‘Marblehead Johnson’.

Mark Morriss’ solo album, ‘Memory Muscle’, reminded me of what I so loved about those early, jangly and care-free Bluetones singles. Largely, it came down to the strengths and, frankly, the limitations of Morriss’ curious little voice. They’re still lumbering along, and I’ll keep checking in on them in case they come up with anything even half as vital sounding as this one.