Surprised It Didn’t Keep Telling Me What Was Coming Up

Sometimes you have to stand back and almost bask in the ludicrous decisions taken by the music industry in their endless pursuit to stop filthy little muso types like myself uploading their latest big releases to the internet. Forget the fact that I never would do so for a moment and instead focus on the case of the Suede ‘Best Of’, which contains absolutely no new material. Just to repeat, there are no songs on there which aren’t already available illegally for nowt from the internet, if you’re so inclined. And yet, I put the promo CD on to play, largely to see how these songs I know and love work in this new order and find that every single bloody song has a lifeless depressive droning ‘Suede Best Of Promo’ over its opening seconds. Some occasional successful remastering aside, there is little to send the pirates into states of aural arousal and, frankly, if you’re interested in this release for the altered audio, you’re hardly going to settle for mp3 files bouncing around the internet, are you? However, one very specific outcome of this baffling decision was my immediate dislike of the release, partly because I can’t listen to the pissing thing without feeling like I have some kind of audio description feature accidentally switched on. Why arrange your music in a certain way and then leave people who are meant to be communicating how great it is unable to enjoy the experience?
This follows a fraught few days when I thought I was going to have to review the Orange Juice boxset using six streams, one for each whole CD. Thankfully the real discs were sent on request and I’m now a happy, Edwyn loving, bunny. The Nadine Coyle album remains elusive and I don’t imagine that’ll get into the November issue. I was surprised it stood a chance in the first place, to be honest, but I’d still like to hear it.
October reviews will be posted soon enough and I’ll attempt to offer up a rambling appraisal of recent releases too. The BowieStation To Station‘ box is a beauty but the 5.1 mix is an out and out stinker. Deerhunter‘s ‘Halcyon Digest‘ is staggeringly good (particularly on vinyl), the Matador at 21 box is a bargainous delight and the new Saint Etienne deluxe editions are pop masterclasses. Oh, and I’m a little confused to be reporting back that the Carl Barat album is rather pleasant. I know!


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