New Music Monday: Count To Fire & Weller

Any band born out of a love of Wilco and My Morning Jacket deserves, at the very least, a quick listen. Such namedropping was enough to lure my attention in my inbox last week and the band in question, Count To Fire, have a mighty single on the way in September. Hailing from Exeter but recorded in Canada, this lot sound a little like The Coral with added pedal steel. They may look a bit Mumfordy but don’t be alarmed.


The album appears to have been out for yonks but a renewed push means that ‘I’m The Man You Need’ will be released on 7” vinyl on September 12th. With such solid gold influences, the melody is as good as you’d expect and the vocal starts off sounding a little like a slightly less fragile Ron Sexsmith. Provided he was from Exeter, of course. Have a listen below and see what you make of it.


At the other end of the spectrum, Paul Weller’s ludicrously strong late-period purple patch continues apace with this belting bit of disco-soul. At first ‘Starlite’ seems a little slight but that chorus does its job and before long it’ll have earworm status, mark my words. Weller’s gorgeously emotive voice has been put to fine use in recent years and it’s heartening to hear a man who clearly loves his soul music adding something new and relevant to the genre. It’ll be out on August 7th, backed by various remixes, and won’t be on the forthcoming new album.


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