Just Played’s Albums of 2011 – The Top 30

Despite a quiet few months due to relocation and dislocation (with two fractures), the using and abusing of new music has continued over on the @JustPlayed Twitter feed and a not especially successful experimentation with podcasts. As December dawns, it’s time for the annual countdown and, in keeping with last year’s triumphant expanded list, you’ll be able to read about and click through for samples of all thirty albums over the coming weeks. I’d like to know what you think so please either comment on the pieces themselves or come and join the merry band on Twitter. Please, if you think an album has been misdiagnosed or you simply have a different take on things, it would be great to hear from you.

For ease, you’ll be able to find the list, as it slowly appears, via a link at the top of the page. Last year’s links are still there and the 2008 and 2009 lists can still be seen (and largely Spotifyed) via the links down the right hand side of the page.

Ok. Let’s begin…

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