Stereophonic Sound – Podcast #3 and The Return of Lone Wolf

Somebody needs to design some blogging software for Mac which is the equal of Live Writer for Windows. Seriously. It’s almost entirely that which has stopped me from communicating with you lovely people over recent weeks. Still, I must press on and see how we go. Plenty to come over the next couple of weeks, but let’s get things underway with a double-header.

Firstly, the rather tremendous Lone Wolf has unleashed a new track upon the world as something of a taster for his upcoming second album under that name. ‘The Swan Of Meander’ is rather more synthy and electronic than the last one – 2010’s ‘The Devil & I‘, a Just Played favourite – but still utterly lovely. The singing of the lyric “when you see the sun, your skin will burn, your skin will crawl and swim like the swans of the south” is one of those magic moments in music where goosebumps rise, hairs stand on end and you reach that indefinable state that only certain songs can deliver. It’s why we all frequent blogs like this and spend so much on records. It is truly adorable and worthy of dozens of replays. Luckily, the whole song is suitably up to scratch too! Why not then visit his blog to find out more – he’s over at Listen here:

Or, and this is the neat link to the second part of this post, you can hear it as part of the Just Played Podcast #3. This fifty minute deluge of splendid tunes is occasionally spoilt by my voice, but it’s an otherwise twelve-track burst of delight. Why not listen? If you like it, let me know, either here or on Twitter. Then it might not take me five months to make another one. Click on the link below and enjoy! (I’m sure there’s some nifty way to embed this but I’m buggered if I can get it to work – see what I mean about blogging software??)

Podcast #3


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