BEST OF 2012: 24. Goat – World Music

I buy A LOT of records. The moment when the stylus touches down and connects with something magnificent is an experience I continue to hunt for, taking punts on a variety of new releases throughout the year. I’m largely on top of what’s coming out when and am normally twitching with anticipation in the run up to the arrivals of something receiving rave reviews. And yet, there’s something hugely enjoyable about that moment when something you’d overlooked suddenly seems to start getting praised from a number of trustworthy corners. The final straw with this particular album was a tweet from Ash at Spillers Records. She doesn’t send many specific recommendations out like this so, when it happens, you know to investigate. And, my friends, forget the dreadful band name and off-putting title and let the fabulous cover art draw you in. ‘World Music‘ is very much worthy of your time.


Apparently hailing from a small village in the north of Sweden and more of a constantly mutating collective than a mere band, Goat offer something between stoner-folk and disco-psychedelia. Which is to say they’re not easy to label. Riffs drift in and out and the drums are pounded like Animal’s first day with a free jazz quartet. ‘Let It Bleed‘ sashays along atop a nagging baseline while ‘Run To Your Mama‘ and ‘Disco Fever‘ offer up the irresistible hooks. The only way I can imagine one one not liking this album is if they’ve simply not heard it.

Get the vinyl, for its die-cut sleeve if nothing else, crank the volume right up and let it wash over you. Much like the promotional info surrounding the band, it doesn’t make much sense but since when has that mattered. If the beautiful, electronic, ambient soundscapes of the Erased Tapes stable are there for moments of cerebral calm, then think of ‘World Music‘ the instinctive, psychedelic shot in the arm that exists at the other end of the spectrum. An unexpected delight.

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