BEST OF 2012: 21. Tame Impala – Lonerism

Oh, imagine being a member of Kasabian hearing this album’s lead single ‘Elephant’. Just try and conjure the crushing feeling of worthlessness that it would bring down upon your poxy-tune inventing mind. And while we’re shoeing the hugely popular, I feel it’s worth pointing out that all of those misguided sorts who think that had Lennon lived he wouldn’t have turned into the rather embarrassing raggedy throated last-one-to-leave the party, thumbsaloft grinning machine that is Macca are only fooling themselves. He’d have sounded like Kula Shaker. And not their ‘Tattva‘ period either. However, if he had been regenerated and forced to have a jam with MGMT armed with some late-sixties Beatles albums as a reference point and a fuzzbox through which to filter all sorts of kaleidoscopic sounds, he might have ended up being Tame Impala instead of Kevin Parker.


Ah, the initiated have spent the last couple of years nodding thoughtfully to ‘Innerspeaker’ and telling everyone to buy the bloody thing, but for some  ‘Lonerism’ will be their first exposure to this one-man-band. There are more than a few vocal similarities to the aforementioned fan of Ono-nism, while the ebbing and flowing tides of melody demonstrate that this music is more than capable of selling to the masses. Opener ‘Be Above It‘ could well be a distant descendant of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows‘, and it sets the scene fittingly. ‘Endors Toil‘ has a spacier, fuzzier feel but the analogue worship remains at the fore.

Parker’s very distinctive palate also yielded tremendous results on the afore listed Melody’s Echo Chamber album this year and, while it’s hardly new, it’s pretty fucking brilliant. Effect after effect is piled in, building into a psychedelic fug from which you may never want to withdraw. ‘Music To Walk Home By‘ is a shimmering beauty while ‘Keep On Lying‘ has a certain Northern Soul strut to its rhythms. In short, a fine, fine album which has rightly garnered an array of plaudits already in the various end of year round ups.

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