BEST OF 2012: 19. A Whisper In The Noise – To Forget

A misty landscape, where distance is subsumed and perspective lost. You try to pull the heat trapped by your coat closer in towards you, but that chill feeling is inescapable. Did the day ever get light? Is the sky actually a colour or is it simply an absence of something that looms above? You are at once isolated and yet curiously comforted by the chill surroundings. The wash of inertia comes on like the all consuming warmth of the seconds before sleep. You succumb willingly and will do again. That is the sound of ‘To Forget’.


For the fan of funereal indie, ambient soundscapes and hypnotic arrangements, the advice over the counter at Spillers Records is second to none. A particular expert in this icily dusted field is infectiously enthusiastic Steve. Between him and manager Ashli, I was cajoled towards this fine record many months ago during one of my counter loiters. Long may recommendations of this calibre continue.

If you liked Sigur Ros before they became synonymous with polar bears walking, fighting and shagging, then the emotive string muscle will get a work out. If you find the pulsing orchestral swells of Max Richter, Olafur Arnalds and Peter Broderick then you’ll be at home here. Sleeping giant opener ‘To Forget’ will drag you in, ‘A Sea Estranging Us’ will break your heart and ‘Every Blade Of Grass’ has a hint of Low about it with slow, distorted drum beat and intertwined male and female vocals. This won’t be for everyone but I suspect once you fall, you’ll fall deep. Do some digging, seek it out and then give it time. A wonderful find.


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