Record Store Day 2013: What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

The dust has settled, along with many contented tone arms, on another Record Store Day and the migraines incurred by shop owners as a result of last minute cutbacks and even later stock arrival are but a memory. As someone for whom RSD is as much about four hours of geeky music queue-based chit chat with like-minded folks as splendid tunes, I'm looking to do a full post-mortem of this phenomenal day. I've previously looked at the mechanics of the event and will be aiming to weigh up people's responses to their experiences with the view from the other side of the counter. I want to shout about the things that were great and ruminate purposefully on the things that weren't. I want your help to put together some serious suggestions about how the day can be developed, as well as gathering together great stories from the day and a gargantuan list of complimentary comments about your local indies. This won't be knee-jerky, it's not going to be grouchy and I certainly don't want to raise any problems without positing some possible solutions. My personal experience revolved around the wonderful staff at Rise Bristol and their culinary partners, Friska Food. Every part of the queuing process was well thought out and the organisation was perfect. The records aren't bad either.

So, what do I want from you? Below are nine and a half questions to which I would love to get lots of answers. If you attended RSD, please either copy and paste to answer below or, if you'd rather be a little less conspicuous, you can email your response to

Feel free to add any other information you'd like to offer or simply expand on issues raised. If you didn't go for a particular reason, I'd love to know why. Please send this link to anyone you can think of – let's get as big a response as possible. It would be nice to think the organisers of RSD and the labels involved would like to hear our feedback. Let's give it a whirl.

1. What time did you arrive and how easy was it for you to attend a participating store?

2. What determined your wantlist for the day and did you get everything on it?

3. What was the most exciting release this year and why?

4. Approximately how many times have you visited this shop in the previous twelve months?

5. What was the highlight of your visit to that shop on RSD13?

6. What was worst thing about RSD13 for you?

7. Did you purchase anything to resell? (If so, any details would be appreciated)

8. Have you ever purchased any RSD stock from eBay? If yes, please expand upon the experience as you see fit.

9. If you could change one thing about RSD ahead of next year's event, what would it be and why?

10. Feel free to use this space to say something complimentary about the particular shop you visited – it's what RSD is really about after all.