The Best of 2013

Ah, dear reader, it was all going to be so different. Every year I vow that this will be the year when the blog doesn’t have a fallow period and every year there comes a point where something has to give. Those of who you follow the Twitter account know that there’s been no let up in banging on about great records, it just hasn’t really happened in the long-form fashion I previously favoured. Despite this, there’s something rather enjoyable – and slightly ritualistic – about doing these countdowns once the calendar has made its way into December.

2013 has been a wonderful, wonderful year for music. I suspect I say something similar every twelve months, but this was, by far, the toughest list to compile since I started doing these. The ‘shortlist’ has been stuck around the sixty titles mark for a month now and, as a result, it was very nearly a Top 40 rather than 30. The ‘honourable mentions’ list will be a treasure trove in itself. The format remains the same – a blurb on each record and a link to listen embedded in the artwork. As ever, the most enjoyable part of doing this is hearing your thoughts as we bumble along together, so please do get in touch either at the bottom of the pieces or via @justplayed on Twitter. The annual competition will commence with the announcement of the Number 1, so get your lists ready, please.

The fresh lick of paint aside, I think we’re ready to go. Let’s hope you enjoy this as much as I will.


One thought on “The Best of 2013

  1. Glad to see you back in long hand, Gareth. Just listened to Gabriel Jackson’s new commission for St Johns advent service – stunning, swirling saxophone.

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