New Music Roundup – First Aid Kit, Simone Felice, Andrew Bird, And The Giraffe, Eric Chenaux

It’s a gorgeous, wintery Sunday where I am and, as I gaze out of the window, I find myself drawn to the gently lulling atmospherics of And The Giraffe. A new young band from Florida, they’re currently offering a six-track mini-album via Bandcamp for as much or as little as you wish to offer them. Here’s the rather lovely ‘Welshrats‘:

And here’s a rather charming video they’ve just released for album opener, ‘Underground Love‘:

Reveal Records, the label which emerged from the late, great Derby-based shop of the same name, continue to wow and impress with their roster, having nabbed the forthcoming solo effort from Simone Felice. Fans of both The Felice Brothers and the criminally overlooked The Duke and The King should look lively. These two tracks are fine primers for what is a really rather lovely album. Tom McRae fans might also want to click below. First up, ‘New York Times‘:

And, if that’s not enough, here’s a cracking acoustic rendering of ‘Hey Bobby Ray‘, the album’s opening track:

Andrew Bird returns in March with the album ‘Break It Yourself‘ on the ever-impressive Bella Union. ‘Eyeoneye‘ has ensured that the sense of expectation continues to build. I’ve not heard the whole thing yet but this is well worth four minutes of your time:

Constellation Records have been quietly going about their business for some time now, releasing beautiful pressings of Tindersticks albums for North America (as well as last year’s fabulous Claire Denis soundtracks box set) and many fine artists besides. Eric Chenaux first came to my attention via Rich who used to run the main floor of Tempest Records in Birmingham and now trades under the name Ignite Records in the Oasis market just across the road. My infrequent visits always resulted in me buying a reasonable pile of vinyl and, like any good indie retailer, he’d gamble that if he recommended me something else, I’d add it to the pile rather than substituting it for something else. Chenaux was one such recommendation and I remain very grateful for it. The promotional gumph describes it thus:

“the recording features only his playing and singing; no guest or supporting musicians, minimal overdubs, and a rigorous structure that alternates back and forth between longform lyrical vocal-based songs and shorter, cacophonously harmonious bowed-guitar instrumentals.” 

His new album, ‘Guitar & Voice‘, is out in March and you can sample a track from it – ‘Amazing Backgrounds‘ – below:

And finally, because I’ve been banging on about it all week on the @JustPlayed twitter page, First Aid Kit‘s album ‘The Lion’s Roar’ is the first stone cold classic of 2012. There’s not a weak track on it and there are several heart in mouth melodies to improve your week. Be sure to listen to both of these, beginning with the album’s title track:

And, to finish as perfectly as I can imagine right now, here’s a live performance of album highlight ‘Emmylou‘.