July Reviews – Rufus, Liam Finn, Jill Scott & She Keeps Bees

A bizarre mix this – two I was absolutely desperate to hear and two about which I was mildly curious. I imagine it’s pretty obvious which ones belong in which pile. 220 words simply do not provide an opportunity to do the Rufus box set justice but I tried. Most other magazines appear to have given it a full page and, I would argue, it deserves it. Anyway, here’s to July…

July 11 trio


Anyone who heard Finn’s excellent debut, ‘I’ll Be Lightning’, will know that the knack for melody was passed down the family line from his father, Neil from Crowded House. On ‘FOMO’, short for ‘fear of missing out’, Liam Finn manages to do the whole ‘second album about life on the road’ thing without sounding like some pissy grouch. Instead, the euphoric, floating 60s guitar sheen and carefree swagger which dominates proceedings is utterly uplifting, with ‘Cold Feet’ the massive summer smash that will never be. The early-Nineties indie guitar excess on ‘Reckless’ offers another standout moment on an album which takes bold and successful strides.

Oooh, this is a good ‘un. If you never partook of his aforementioned debut, get yourself caught up. I won’t tell anyone you. This is a more fully-realised outing sonically but it’s the sheer joy of his songwriting that makes him worthy of your attention. As something of a Finn Fann, I was always predisposed to like him but he’s more than earned his stripes with this release.

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Literally Just Played

This month’s Clash reviews will be posted up shortly, but here’s a few current and forthcoming tunes which I have actually played quite recently for you to have a wee listen to. Can you tell I’ve been tinkering with Soundcloud at long last?

Firstly, from the marvellous ‘Fomo’, this is new from Liam Finn, entitled ‘The Struggle‘:

I’m currently working on a review of their upcoming album, but this is a fine way to launch their latest incarnation – new from Bombay Bicycle Club, this is ‘Shuffle‘.

 The new album from The Rapture is a delight. I’ve even uttered the word ‘banging’ about this particular track. Apologies. But listen to this and try not to whirl around and clap in a malcoordinated fashion at some point. It’s called ‘How Deep Is Your Love’.

This is from a wonderful new album upcoming on Bella Union from Jonathan Wilson entitled ‘Gentle Spirit’, and this is called ‘The Way I Feel’. Click through and you’ll be able to find the whole album for a listen:

And finally, this is the sublime Bon Iver cover of ‘I Can’t Make You Love Me’ which I tweeted about over the weekend. Magnificent stuff, on the flip of the ‘Calgary‘ 12″.