Just Played’s Festive Jangle

Every year I put together a substantial Christmas playlist which then goes everywhere around the house and on the iPod for travelling. It keeps us suitably festive for the several weeks in which listening to such merriment is considered the norm. This year’s is particularly ace. Unfortunately, I can’t share about half of it because its on charity albums, an old free band download or just not on Spotify. However, I do have a 12 track sample on Spotify for you, along with some tips for what else to go hunting for now that your mind is fully on trees, mince pies and low-level arguments.


Plus… go here and buy the two For Folk’s Sake Christmas albums, which are for charity and bloody lovely. If you have to narrow it down, get this year’s for lovely stuff from Caitlin Rose, Kathryn Williams and The Leisure Society, not to mention Paper Aeroplanes and numerous other spiffers.

Then, go here for a free and utterly beautiful version of ‘Last Christmas’ by Ohbijou which will warm even the coldest heart.

Go here to download Lucky Soul’s lovely version of ‘Lonely This Christmas’ and then here is the lovely Caitlin Rose track ‘You Never Come Home From Christmas’ (if you need you appetite whetting before shelling out for all of the For Folk’s Sake Christmas album.)

You can get a sample of the lovely Rosie Thomas Christmas album, ‘A Very Rosie Christmas’ here and then the whole thing for only $5 if you fancy a download.

Summer Camp’s well suited cover of ‘Christmas Wrapping’ is here or get hold of their mashup of ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’ and ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ here.

Finally, you can get the 6 Music Morning Show festive giveaways for the next few days for nowt from here.