Record Store Day 2013 – Here We Go Again


It is no secret that I love record shops. I mean truly LOVE them. I spend hours upon hours in them every month, not to mention a few quid too. I have my favourites but I like to cross off my list of the nation’s finer music emporia whenever I’m in the area. Essentially, if you’re a record shop proprietor and you see me walk through the door, you’ll be wanting to get a vinyl-sized carrier bag ready. Music is the real source of my joy, but having it curated for me by interesting, passionate, energetic, witty and downright brilliant people is the icing on the cake. Anything that gets more people through their doors can only be a good thing and this Saturday marks 2013’s instalment of Record Store Day. Whatever your thoughts on the stock, it’s a day with a unique atmosphere. An atmosphere that never used to be unique but, with the drift away from hugely important release dates and insane Saturdays, has become so uncommon in recent years. Get in there, take in the atmosphere, realise what else happens in these wonderful places and then, most importantly, make sure you go back when it’s not Record Store Day. They’ll still have great records next Saturday, and the Wednesday after that. And in two months’ time.

To mark this year’s event, I’ll be mixing together some new pieces on the day in particular and record shops in general with some material previously posted on a site I set up last year, called Sadly, contributions dried up as people were too busy to commit – ask someone in your local indie  when they last had a good night’s sleep. It’ll be before the RSD lists started circulating – so it’s currently in hibernation. So, forgive the cross-posting, but there’s some good stuff on there that I want as many people to read as possible.

Finally, I would LOVE it if you were to tweet me pictures of Record Store Day experiences from around the country this Saturday. I’m @justplayed on Twitter and if you feel like sending me mugshots from the queue, long shots of the happy punters or blurry actions shots from instores, I’d be rather chuffed.

Right then. Shall we begin with a world famous author? Go on then….