Just Played is a site for music enthusiasts in search of something decent to listen to. There are plenty of people whinging about how music isn’t as good as it used to be but they’re just not looking hard enough. As it becomes harder to get recommendations – local record shops largely deceased, alternative radio shows marginalised – the need for a site like this has increased and hopefully Just Played will bring you into contact with some fabulous records you didn’t otherwise know about.

Use the lovely, discreet links in the top right hand corner to pootle around prior lists or the drop down on the homepage for links aplenty. It shouldn’t take you long to get a reasonable idea of what I like and what I cover. I’m increasingly eratic at updating the site, but I keep resolving to spend more time here. Feel free to nudge me via Twitter if you’re after tips, tunes or general info.

Some of the writing you’ll find here also appears in Clash Magazine. although I’m increasingly crap at remembering to post my monthly print offerings on here. I already receive a reasonable number of promo bits and bobs but if you’re responsible for a band’s PR and would like to get in touch, please contact me via justplayed@hotmail.co.uk I can’t guarantee to feature everything I receive, but I’ll certainly give it a listen. It may be something I pitch to my reviews editor, it may get written about on the site or it might just sit in a pile next to the computer. Who knows? I also did a short run of shows for Radio Aktiv, an online radio station. You can find old shows here. The last show is embedded below.

You can also follow the Just Played guide to music on Twitter at www.twitter.com/justplayed

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